Friday, March 03, 2006


The Low Resistance Mobility vehicle is kind of a neat idea. But only kind of. The good part is that only weighs about 1000 lbs for a 2+2 coupe. The bad news is that in order to get the incredible 150+ mpg, the things engine is so small (20 horsepower) it takes a week to reach sixty miles per hour. Ok, not a week but 20 seconds. But you can cruise on the highway forever if you ever manage to get up to cruising speed.

That kind of minimal acceleration is downright dangerous. Do you realize how big a gap this thing will need just to turn a corner or merge onto the highway? Every once in a while I see Toyota Prius drivers being jerks and I shudder. The Prius doesn't turn and doesn't accelerate. How do you into intend to get yourself out of the trouble you're making? Of course they don't expect to get themselves out of trouble, they just expect everyone else to accommodate them. The same goes to aggressive SUV and minivan drivers. They don't go and they don't turn and unlike the hybrids, you can't even see around them.

Frankly, if you're going to be an ass then be an ass in a sports car. It is the ass's natural automotive environment after all. Then you have some power and some handling. If you drive aggressively, at least you have the car to back it up.

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