Monday, March 20, 2006

Web Comics

Blugunder Schlock led me to the Weekly Webcomic Reviews. I'm not sure if I'm going to blogroll it yet or not. I don't generally blogroll sites that only sport weekly content.

However WWR also lead me to a couple of darn good new comics: Questionable Content and Irregular Webcomic. The first is just cleverly written. The second, while also cleverly written, makes heavy us of RPG minature and lego figures. I guess this is still within the accepted definition of a "comic." I also guess the author can't really draw, but he isn't letting that hold him back. Which is pretty cool.

When I need a break at work, I'm slowly moving through the Questionable Content archives. Only a few hundred pages to go. We'll see what happens when I catch up. If the comics aren't updated regularly enough I probably won't be linking to them here either. But they'll get lodged in my bookmarks somewhere.

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