Thursday, March 16, 2006

Like Driving a Bullet

It's website is down at the moment, but someone sent me a link to the Acabion over at treehugger. Essentially it is a turbocharged hayabusa engine wrapped in a low drag carbon fiber fuselage.

It is very very fast (280+ mph). But the designers dream of it being the commuter vehicle of the future (at those speeds) is very very impractical. At some point perhaps they'll realize that nobody is going to reorient the transportation infrastructure for their little epiphany. I would have thought people would have realized that after the segway.

It has a lot of potential though. The fuel economy of a small motorcycle engine put into an aerodynamic and collision safe body. Amybear might actually let me own one. But some of the reversed trikes VW and Peugeot are playing with might have more potential.

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