Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Funny Cause It's True

The characters in Day by Day have been at the range this week. Here is today's strip:

Hehe. Now I obviously have never put hot brass into my cleavage. I have thankfully not let my girth get so out of hand that I have male cleavage. But I have gotten one stuck in my safety glasses. My brother got one snagged on his neck by his shirt collar. He had a welt for over a week. After seeing that I formulated a simple range dress code (I wear t-shirts that fit close to the neck) to prevent it from happening to me.

.22 seems to have a real knack for this actually. The casing is tiny so it can find it's way into lots of little cracks and crevices. Plus the design of the case is very old and it tends to extract more erratically than more modern centerfire rounds. You end up with rounds ejecting to the side and bouncing of lane partitions, others going forward, others flying over your shoulder. The one taking the perfect path that goes down your shirt could be just a shot away.

I actually think of this is good training experience though. If you are shooting and get some hot brass, you still have to be safe. You can't just hop around like a crazy man when you are carrying a loaded gun. This is part of the reason my brother got his welt, he had to put the gun down safely and then get the round out of his collar. You have to get past the pain and use your gun discipline and training.

UPDATE: Geek with a .45 had a similar reaction. Despite what one of his commenters says, a good brimmed hat won't necessarily stop it. When I inadvertantly collect brass, it is often bouncing off the curtain walls between shooting lanes. So it is coming from the side not from above. That and brims are annoying if you shoot with a normal scope.

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