Monday, March 27, 2006

Lamenting For My Brethren

Instapundit linked to this Washington Post story entitled Marriage is for White People. The origin of the titular quote comes from a little boy:
"That's wonderful!" I told my class. "I think I'll invite some couples in to talk about being married and rearing children."

"Oh, no," objected one student. "We're not interested in the part about marriage. Only about how to be good fathers."

And that's when the other boy chimed in, speaking as if the words left a nasty taste in his mouth: "Marriage is for white people."
I could go off on a near racist tirade. But I won't. All indicators are showing that white America is going to same way as black America. White folks are just a generation behind.

Now I'm sure some people will say the breakdown of marriage as an institution is just change. Change happens. While I have to agree that change happens, I'm a conservative. I do not hold that all change is for the better. What I see here is change for the worse.

Marital breakdown has wide-ranging implications. African-American culture is currently symptomatic of this, but it could and probably will involve everybody. When you look at a lot of problems of that subculture, you'll see that many many issues trace back to one cause: a illegitimacy rate and a lack of fathers or male role-models.

Black women are doing pretty well for themselves. Black men aren't. This isn't a coincidence. All children need fathers, but boys need them more. Fathers show sons what manhood is. Otherwise we get "be a man" defined by all sorts of thugs and testosterone laden fools. Manhood becomes womanizing. It becomes doing violence on the innocent for selfish gain. It becomes repaying any slight no matter how mild or ill conceived. It seems to me that when Solomon wrote his advice to his own son about this a long time ago.

UPDATE: Hube is weighing in with some good data on the subject of marital superiority.

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