Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fun Guns: The M1 Carbine

Since I am an NRA shill I receive a copy of American Rifleman for "free" every month with my membership. This month one of the feature articles is on the Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine, which is cool because I own one.

AO's current crop of carbines are WWII vintage pieces. Mine is their earlier model which is more of a Korea war era reproduction. The good news is that the new ones have better stocks (walnut is optional), no nasty steel handguard, and no nearly useless bayonet lug. The bad news is that they have the mildly inferior WWII control setup and vastly inferior WWII non-adjustable flip sight. They also cost at least $100 more.

I'm pretty satisfied with my original purchase. I would gladly pay more for a gun with good iron sights. Paying less for one is a treat. I've already replaced the steel handguard with an ultimak rail. I've also bought a cheap handgun scope to forward mount as a scout scope. Unfortunately the scope is heavy enough to throw the gun's balance all out of wack. Well nothing is perfect.

Links to pictures will follow if you're interested, unfortunately for you I'm feeling better and went to work today.

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