Monday, February 14, 2005

Heavenly Fatherhood

Greg Wallace is talking about the influence of Fatherhood on life and faith.

I think fatherhood is probably one of the least respected roles in pop culture and it has been for some time. We have a culture that really lauds motherhood and single motherhood, but doesn't really appreciate fathers. With the exception of Redd Foreman on That 70s Show, pop culture fathers tend to be bumbling lunks that are redeemed solely by their choice of competent mates.

Honestly this isn't a good thing for a number of reasons. In terms of earthly concerns, kids need fathers. The most obvious reason is money. Raising children on two incomes is much better than raising them on one. Some studies have shown that the majority of single parent families were below the poverty line. The other is that kids need a father's hand sometimes. Boys specifically need fathers or at the very least strong male role models. I suppose it has something to do with the headstrong male psyche.

The other concern is a more spiritual one. God is often described as our Heavenly Father. Some people with bad family histories have trouble with that. I know one woman who was abused as a child and it colored her perception of God as Father for most of her life. It completely altered how she saw God and it wasn't until after she became a Christian that she really was healed of it.

Speaking as a man about to get engaged, I pray I am a good father to my yet unconcieved children. The thought that I may be used as the image of God to them is just a wee bit intimidating.

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