Thursday, February 24, 2005


Abigail Kohn's book, Shooters, is being reviewed at Reason. It is an anthropologists look at the gun culture from within. I have read a few articles written by Kohn here and there. She started out as a frisco liberal trying to get to know shooters in her local area. Eventually she started Cowboy Action Shooting, which has a prominent place in her book. I wouldn't mind picking up her book.

The review is pretty good. There are a few places were Eric Dzinski shows his pro-gun bias.
Laws that target inexpensive guns (supposedly used more often in crimes) unfairly disarm people without the means to afford more costly firearms.
You cannot disarm someone unless they already have "arms". Yes it's semantics, but Dzinski later criticizes Kohn for similar semantics. The proper technical term would be "adverse impact". Saturday Night Special Laws have a disparate effect on minority gun ownership. Its about gun purchases not disarmament.

(via: David Kopel at The Volokh Conspiracy)

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