Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscars and the Movies

So Amybear and I watched the Oscar together last night through the miracle of modern telecommunications. Well until 10pm at least, by then I had had enough and was checking out cartoon network for something that was actually funny.

Chris Rock. Not my choice for a host and I was sick of him by the end of his monologue. The back and forth he did with Adam Sandler about Catherine Zeta-Jones was pretty funny though. La Shawn Barber has more thoughts on Chris Rock.

Evidently Million Dollar Baby and the Aviator were the movies to beat. Haven't seen either, but I hear good things about both. The Incredibles won which is great. Saw it and it is amazing. Kinsey didn't win anything and I was happy. The movie is, ummm, a might biased about Alfred Kinsey's work which basically included pedophilia.

On a different note I realized I never blogged about the movies Amy and I rented.

Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle: So bad we didn't finish watching it. The whole character of Kumar, a pothead with incredible gifts, just pissed me off through most of the movie.

Wimbledon: Cute, sweet, predictable. Amybear basically said "the twists were so obvious even I can spot them ahead of time." But it was a fun movie and the leads worked well together. It provoked some decent snuggling with the fiancee afterwards too. There are worse things you could watch with members of the fairer sex.

Napoleon Dynamite: Funny. It was a little funny the first time, but we watched it the second time (third for Amybear) and it just got better because you know what was coming. The commentary track was done right. The movie has large relatively quiet sections so they don't talk over the actors. You can enjoy the movie and the commentary together. Besides you already know the good lines by the second time through. Gosh!

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