Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Unleashed?

Democrats are worried about the next Bush term. Very reasonable considering your political differences. The problem here is how they want to react (comments from this post):
It is time, and past time that we dismantled the DNC, tossed out its tired, failed leadership, and built a better party. For the past four years, John Kerry, and every other "Democrat" in the House and Senate gave GWB a free ride, it cost them in the mid terms, and it has now cost them again. Terry McAuliffe must be fired, and never given a job with the Democratic party again. His policy of "be moderate, right leaning Democrats, try to act more Republican" is an obvious failure.
I'm a veteran of the anti-war protests of the '60s. I can't believe what I'm reading here. What we need is people marching in the streets. We need a read left in this country again. We need to be visible, not skulk away.

If the national Democratic "leaders" aren't fighting for us, we need to replace them. Lets get more Obamas in there and get rid of the dinosaurs who have sold out and won't fight back against Bush.

We must organize and we must take back the media the same way the right wingers did. I remember when there were lots of liberal talk shows and real left-wingers commenting on TV.

Most of all, we need to organize and march in the streets if necessary. I can't believe after all that has been done to damage our economy and our democracy in the past four years that the cities are burning like they did in 1968.
Folks this isn't going to work! You've been doing this for four years and Bush has been gaining votes in both the House and Senate every election! Connect the damn dots! The whole point of the Senate Democrats has been obstructionism. Stop Bush as much as possible. Except people vote Democrat because they a government that works for them. Obstructionism works for no one other than perhaps the small government folks that prefer gridlock and how it forces non-government solutions. You aren't trying to help them and furthermore by your own pro-government principles you aren't trying to help the people are you?

Furthermore if it is all you offer then the Republicans will very rationally stop listening to you. Most normal folks will gradually stop listening to you too. People like calm, polite discourse. Emotion yes, but not zealotry and hysteria. Calm the hell down! "Lets turn this into 1968 all over again!" Remember who won in '68? Nixon. Do you think it was a coincidence? Who got elected in '72? Nixon again. Do you want that to happen again? Somebody has to be the voice of sanity and reason and you can't do that without being reasonable first. Dropping into the looney bin won't help you.

What you need to do is work with Repubs at some level. Advance your own agenda to balance the budget and reduce the deficit other than just Tax More and Cut Defense in Wartime. Which of their policies don't suck? They have to have some you know. Hell Teddy Kennedy wrote a lot of Bush's education bill. Work on those. Bush didn't have the balls for veto in his first term, he probably won't in his second.

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