Sunday, November 07, 2004

Range Report: FN Hipower

I took my hipower to the range for the first time since I had the trigger job done. It was wonderful, the trigger broke like glass at a perfect weight. My brother was somewhat envious and called it money well spent.

Bad news was that the trigger was great but I was pretty consistently shooting to the right. For those who don't shoot handguns that usually means I'm using too much trigger finger and "pulling" the shot. I was doing it repeatably which made me think the sights were a little off. Unfortunately my brother shot dead on with it and the other gun we were shooting was pulling right for me as well. Darn it! I have nobody to blame but myself. I hate it when that happens. I want someone to blame.

Oh by the way, I had my trigger work done by Cayley Carson at Newcastle Gunsmithing. If anyone is in Delaware and wants his email address or phone number, drop me a line. I don't think he'd appreciate me posting it without asking. My email is on the profile page.

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