Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Passion

Messy Christian just saw the Passion of the Christ. For those who call the movie anti-semitic, I'd like to point out this reaction as more typical:
I always know that He's doing this for me, and I feel so unworthy of this sacrifice.
Similarly I thought this part was spot on:
What scenes that really grabbed me was the scene of Jesus as carpenter, creating a "high table". I've always wondered how Jesus was like as a carpenter! And the affection He showed His mother was something, prompting me to ask myself, Why does it surprise me? I guess I've always had a limited view of Jesus. I've always seen him as teacher, God etc, but forgot that He was a son, that he was a carpenter, that he laughed and cried
The very human parts of the story were what really grabbed me, especially when you are seeing Jesus through the eyes of Mary, his mother. I think as Christians, a lot of us get so caught up in Christ's divinity that we forget about his humanity. Part of the reason Christ's story is so amazing is that Jesus is also so human. I'm going to have to go through the Gospels again soon, especially the Synoptics (Matthew, Mark, Luke) since they really bring this out.

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