Monday, November 22, 2004

Range Report: Limbsaver

I put a Limbsaver recoil pad on my Mossberg 590 last weekend to replace the stock rubber pad. The Pachmyer Decellerator is the ruler of the recoil pad roost, but the Limbsaver has been getting good reviews and, more importantly, it was $10 cheaper. Good (some consider better) and cheaper was too much for me to shrug off.

It went on like a charm. Take the old screws out and the old pad off, new pad went right on with the old screws. The only tool required was a philips (phillips?) head screwdriver.

I didn't get to shoot it until today. So far so good. Deer slugs still kick. Ouchie. On the other hand the bird shot I was also firing was pretty mild in comparison. Granted I fired the slugs first so the bird shot is going to feel mild in comparison anyway. Still I'm happy with my purchase.

What is really going to kill the recoil is improvement in my shotgun technique and that is just going to take time and shells.

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