Monday, November 22, 2004

A Lesson in Red and Blue

I live in a blue county. I work in a red county. Today is my thanksgiving lunch at work and I was assigned to bring a caesar salad. Now in blueville you can go to any supermarket and buy this sort of thing premade in its own (admittedly cheap) serving bowl. I know. I checked. So I brought serving utensils and planned on doing that at the supermarkets near work in redville. No such luck. The supermarkets had salad bars and salads (basically lettuce) in a bag, but no premade salads in bowls. Drat. So I bought a veggie tray instead which should fill the same basic food group.

I can think of two reasons for this. First in bluetown salad is a meal. In redville salad is like parsley, a garnish that sits on your plate to add color. Second redville tends to be further out on the supply chain, so maybe the concept just hasn't trickled down to here yet.

My co-workers have since informed me that similar salad is sold in bags around work. I was tasked to run out and getting a few more things before the lunch today and I saw neither hide nor hair (seed nor stem?) of such a thing. Oh well.

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