Thursday, November 11, 2004

Student Protests

Izzy showed me this yesterday as I was leaving work. Lots of folks on college campuses protesting Bush and protesting their local branch of the College Republicans. Those horrible collegiate Republican fascists, baby eaters all! I must say I went to a couple CR events during my undergrad days. I met Mike Castle, my congressman, that way. I also found out that baby tastes like chicken.

I often wonder how they get so many people to turn out to these sorts of things. Then I recall how much free time I had in college. I also looked at some of the pictures on the article. They basically features fairly attractive women getting all hot and bothered and a bunch of "activist" men enjoying the view. Hell if they had free pizza or some nice baby cooked up buffalo style, I'd even be there in a heartbeat. Chicks! Pizza! Too bad there are laws against coercing people to vote that way.

Remind me of an Erv Homer story from when he was a student in the '60s. To paraphrase: "I went lots of protests at college. I didn't really know what I was protesting most of the time, but the girls there were Free Love so that was good enough for me."

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