Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Delaware Election 2004

Democrats won in most state and county offices. Thoughts:
  • Minner won thanks to the womens vote. While the men's vote was evenly split, Minner received a large response from women who turned out heavily. Minner is a mediocre governor, but I believe she understands that state employees are badly underpaid and overworked and she will fix this in her next budget. If she doesn't she will be in big trouble, the state cannot survive if the hiring freeze and lack of cost-of-living increases continue.
  • Mike Castle won. Big surprise there. He had such a lead, he has been spending his campaign money stumping for Newcastle County offices for over a month.
  • Too bad it didn't help. Newcastle County offices are almost universally held by Democrats again. This is despite several members of the last Democrat administration being indicted. Yeah that will teach those Democrats.
  • I campaigned for Republican State Rep Candidate Jim Stockwell in District 16. He goes to my church and I've known him for years. He lost 20% to 80%. Jim lives in the city of Newcastle and his constituents are mostly African American. He's white, his opponent is black. I didn't think he was going to win after I did some campaign work for him and got a feel for his district. I hope Jim didn't sink too much of his own money into the campaign.

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