Tuesday, November 23, 2004

GTA: San Andreas

I was really happy when I got a copy of it. Some of the early quirks have grown on me. However some of the people involved were quite obviously idiots. So for the betterment of the franchise I suggest the following tradition: Make everyone involved in development of the game run a gauntlet of people that payed money for it. They should do this while tagged with a description of the work they did on the game.

I would personally escort the people that designed the map, character, and other models through the gauntlet. Voice actors are also good or at least good enough and the coders would get a pass too. However the mission writers would meet with my wrath. I might sprain something breaking my foot off in the ass of whomever wrote the Red Baron mission. I know that I am not alone. If they're lucky they might live through the experience, but would probably be too severely injured to work on the next game. So much the better.

UPDATE: I finally beat the Zero missions last night. It took me nearly two weeks to go through 2 missions. The last one "New Model Army" is actually kind of fun. The first one is hard but also somewhat fun. The "Supply Lines" mission is incredibly annoying and almost prohibitively difficult. Honestly you need to get lucky to successfully beat this one and I hate games like that.

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