Monday, November 08, 2004

Good Food

Messy Christian took a day off to do several things including eat sushi with her sister.

Amybear and I are big sushi fans. We both got into it my senior year in college. My neighbor in the dorms made his own sushi. He cooked the rice and rolled his own maki. It was yummy as long has you had the sense to avoid his more questionable creations and made sure he was using fresh meat. Incidentally, if you can't get over the raw fish part, sushi is technically vinegared rice not raw fish. So there is cooked sushi (mostly shellfish) and vegetable sushi.

Since then Amybear and I have tried a bunch of places and even resorted to making our own. Its not that hard to make amateur sushi and you can buy a simple kit that will serve you well (and contain instructions) at most online cooking retailers. As I said, make sure your meat is fresh. Farm raised salmon never enters fresh water so its a very good choice, if a bit fatty. (Humans are fresh water creatures, so the salt water fish means that we're immune to most of their micro-organisms.) Get to know when the local supermarkets get their fish deliveries and work your cooking schedule around it. Your local asian grocery or, in cosmopolitan areas, even your supermarket will have the necessary other foodstuffs like nori and wasabi.

To continue my trend of endorsing local Delaware businesses: Try Grand East Buffet at the corner of Foulk and Naamans in Wilmington. Its in the same shopping center as the ACME. It has become my and Amybear's favorite restaurant. Grand East has decent (although admittedly not spectacular) sushi, its all-you-can-eat and included with the regular buffet. I paid $10 for a good sushi/chinese lunch yesterday. Thats half what you might pay at other places. My parents are even starting to eat sushi there. This is a major accomplishment considering my parents, they won't eat any sushi I make.

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