Monday, November 01, 2004

Sunday Sacrament: 590 and USP9c

So I finally got my mossberg out to the range on sunday. My brother and I (mostly me) put about 25 rounds of birdshot and 5 rounds of deer slugs through it. It was fun. The birdshot would just rip the target to pieces. The slugs kicked like the dickens and made a big (1"ish) hole.

My brother rented a HK USP9c (stainless slide) at the range as well. It was really nice. Very little recoil, very accurate, the trigger was quite nice too. You just held the gun on target and squeezed the trigger until it broke (breaked?). Some people don't like that type of trigger, because they can't judge the breaking point well. Those people usually prefer a "glass rod" break. I find that a light trigger on the squeezy guns works well for me because it keeps me from anticipating and "pulling" the shot. The bullet went where I put it so I can't complain. It was very accurate for a 3.5" barreled gun. I hesitate to call it compact, because its still quite hefty even if it isn't a "service" size gun.

My hipower is coming back from the smith after some trigger work. Hopefully it will compare well. Even if it doesn't quite stack up, with the smith work and new grips its still cheaper than the HK and has other tangibles the HK doesn't.

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