Monday, November 01, 2004

Six Degrees of Separation

My local newspaper is the Wilmington News Journal. Its a rag, but on a brighter note the online version is embracing local blogs. I'd like to see some of the bigger papers take that step.

Turns out one of the folks on the local blog page goes to my church. I've also seen him post over at Kim du Toit's page. Small world.

UPDATE: Daryl's site is on homeschooling. It just occurred to me that the reason he probably links to Kim is that Kim and his wife Connie also homeschool their children. Duh. I go there for the Gratuitous Gun Pics myself.

UPDATE AGAIN: Turns out Daryl owns a Maverick 88. It is made by the same company as my Mossberg 590 (maverick is their bargain line), but a few features like the safety position and magazine tube are different. I bought mine for the same reason he did, home defense. Like Daryl I hope I never need it.

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