Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thanksgiving Retrospective

Well this was an exciting thanksgiving at my parents place. They had 20 people for thanksgiving dinner, including 8 children under 6 (2 under 2). With that many kids, exciting might not be the proper word for it. Lets just say they were interesting times in the Chinese curse sense of the word. We ate in shifts with the kids first and the adults second with the kids left to a DVD of their choice. Two leaves aren't enough for the table, so my parents use a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood to create a table surface large enough for 12 adults.

Getting that many kids to bed at night is night unto impossible, especially when you have little ones that will wake up loudly at the drop of a hat. The end result was that the adults had very little time to ourselves the whole weekend. Ah well I suppose I should get used to it because it will be the story of my life soon enough when I get around to having kids.

Luckily my apartment is close enough to my parents house that I could retreat to my Fortress of Solitude and get the heck out of there when it all became too much. I basically showed up for meals and comraderie in the evenings. Several of the kids that came down were sick, so more of the kids and adults were sick by the time they left.

I've currently got a mean sore throat and that disconnected feverish feeling going on. I don't know whether I picked something up from the kids or from one of my coworkers who decided he wasn't sick enough to stay home last week. My symptoms fit the later scenario better.

UPDATE: I just got an email from my brother. While being sick stinks, it meant I avoided cleaning up after the thanksgiving festivities at my parents and hauling out the christmas decorations. Thanks for the silver lining there bro.

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