Thursday, November 11, 2004


Sorry I have today off because of Veterans Day so I haven't done much blogging. My day has been a mix of playing video games and doing work. So far I've clean a whole lot, did laundry, ran the dishwasher, and dropped an old computer monitor off to be recycled.

For those of you who don't know computer monitors contain a whole lot of stuff you probably shouldn't just dump in a landfill. The CRT especially contains a good deal of heavy metals that are used as shielding to prevent outside electromagnetic fields from playing tricks with your picture. Chances are your state has facilities to recycle these materials instead of just throwing them out. If you live in Delaware, follow this link for more information. If you don't try looking it up on Google.

I like to recycle. I know I'm a right winger, but I'm also cheap and I think our society should still be concerned with the amount of waste we generate. God gave us this land to use it and tame it, but not to screw it up. Good stewardship is good stewardship.

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